1. I'm unfit! Will I be OK ?
  2. Will I get left behind?
  3. What sort of bikes do you have?
  4. What happens to my luggage & personal gear?
  5. What size are the groups?
  6. What about those funny Lycra bike pants?
  7. What about food?
  8. Is alcohol available?
  9. Will it be crowded?
  10. I'm a caffeine addict, do you have coffee?
  11. What sort of first aid do you have?
  12. What does my price cover?
  13. Can I bring my own bike?
  14. Why can we only have 12 people on a trip?
  1. Are there any hills?
  2. I'm fit and want to challenge myself?
  3. I want to ride an E-Bike (Electric pedal assist bike) is that possible?
  4. Is there cell phone coverage?
  5. What do I need to bring?
  6. Can I bring my children ?
  7. Do you cater for vegetarians and gluten free people?
  8. What are the room configurations?
  9. Do I need travel insurance?
  10. Do we ride in any weather?
  11. Will I get my feet wet?
  12. I have never been to Queenstown, what do I need to know?
  13. What are your terms and conditions?

I'm unfit! Will I be OK ?

If you can ride a bike you can ride the Paradise Trail. Our tours are designed for people with little cycling experience, as well as for those people who ride every day.

If you haven't been on a bike for a while we highly recommend fitting in a few rides before the tour.  This will ensure you feel better at the end of the day and will add to your overall enjoyment of the trip.  As with any sporting activity, the fitter you are the more you enjoy it.  But remember, you only have to cycle as much as you want to. Our support vehicle is there to do just that- support you. If you're finding the going a bit tough you can always jump in the van until you feel ready to ride again. 

Are there any hills?

The Paradise trail is mostly flat or rolling terrain. There are a few bigger hills but nothing that will have you on your hands and knees. The trail is however surrounded by spectacular mountains and glaciers which we tend to look up at rather than ride over.

Will I get left behind?

No way, everyone is free to ride at their own pace. There are so many beautiful scenes to look at that the groups stop often to take photos anyway. Remember also that our support vehicle is never far away if you would like a rest from cycling after day ones first twelve kilometres.

I'm fit and want to challenge myself?

Great! You will have many opportunities to do just that. Most of our trips have two guides, so that we can be split groups of differing levels of experience on various sections of the trail.

What sort of bikes do you have?

We looked at every brand and every model before deciding on our hybrid bikes. We believe our bikes are the best for you to ride on the Paradise Trail.

The bikes have upright geometry giving you a more comfortable riding position (no hugging the handlebars!).  They have front suspension and seat post suspension, a super comfortable seat, 27 gears, soft handlebar grips, hydraulic disc brakes for quick stopping, as well as a drink bottle cage with a drink bottle that is yours to keep.  On the front of your bike you'll find a waterproof handlebar bag (pannier) for your camera, sunblock etc.

Click here to see the bikes.


This season for the first time we'll also be offering E-bikes from one of Europe's best brands - Watch this space

I want to ride an E-Bike (Electric pedal assist bike) is that possible?

E-Bikes are becoming very popular & we understand why.  They allow you to chose the effort you put in rather than letting the hills dictate.  If you already have an E-bike or would like to try one for the first time let us know.  This season we'll be running two E-bike specific tours in partnership with one of Europe's best quality e-bike manufacturers.  If you fall in love with the bikes we'll also have them for sale at bike shop prices boxed and ready to take home.

What happens to my luggage & personal gear?

On Day One we pick up you and your luggage. Your luggage is transported by lockable trailer to Kinloch Lodge (your first nights accommodation). This leaves you free to enjoy your riding, knowing that your luggage is safe and waiting for you. Your bike is equipped with a small waterproof handlebar bag which is ideal for your camera/snacks or any personal gear you may want to keep with you. These can be easily removed and have a shoulder strap so you can take them with you when ever you want.

Your guide rides with a bike trailer ideal for discarded clothing also.

On Day Two we transport your luggage from Kinloch Lodge to Paradise Homestead for you, your next two nights accommodation. This again leaves you free to enjoy your riding.

We appreciate people are coming from all over NZ and the globe to ride the Paradise Trail so we don't place a weight limit on baggage.  We do however request (just like the airlines) that no bag weighs more than 32kg.

Is there cell phone coverage?

Yes and No. Helpful aren't we! Because we are surrounded by large mountains in a remote area of New Zealand cell phone coverage is limited.

Day One and Two we have patchy cell phone coverage on the two main networks, Vodafone and Telecom plus 2 Degrees. Day three and four there is no cell phone coverage.  This allows you to really relax and have a holiday from your 'other' lives. 

There is WiFi available at Kinloch Lodge but not at Paradise.

What size are the groups?

Small and personalised. Our minimum group size is 5 riders and maximum group size is 12 riders. If you are riding solo or as a couple please phone or email us if you're keen to join a tour.  For groups of 7 people or more you will have two guides.  Smaller groups will, on occasion, have one guide.   Our guides provide the high degree of personal care you expect and allow for differing levels of fitness and interest to be catered for.

What do I need to bring?

We provide mountain bikes, hi-vis tops, handle bar panniers and helmets for you to use.

Below is a list of things you'll need to bring (we'll send you this list once you've signed on to a tour).

-Bringing your camera is a must.

-Two pairs of sneakers/sandshoes/trainers (depending where in the world you're from) suitable for spending a day on a bike or walking. 

-Waterproof jacket.  Essential as when it rains it tends to rain heavily.  A windcheater or showerproof jacket will not suffice.  If you don't have a waterproof jacket please let us know as soon as possible before your tour date.

-A small backpack for day walks to carry your lunch and jacket.

- Clothes suitable for cycling in: Shorts, bike pants if you like to wear them, t shirts  We highly recommend you wear 'quick dry' fabric as this wicks the sweat from your body keeping you dry.  We do not recommend you ride in cotton clothing.

-Merino long sleeved top as the mornings can be cool.

-Polar fleece top to keep you warm at night.

-Clothes for exploring and going out in the evening to a casual cafe– nothing too smart, you're in the country afterall!

We also recommend sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and insect repellent.

What about those funny Lycra bike pants?

Sure they look silly but there is no denying they are comfortable, especially the padded ones. They are however a personal preference and not mandatory.

We usually wear them under our shorts to save you from having to look at them.

Can I bring my children ?

The minimum age for riders on the Paradise Trail is fourteen years old. 

What about food?

Don't come if you want to lose weight! We make sure you are well fed with hearty New Zealand country fare and lots of it.

On Day one we have coffee at Steamer Wharf before leaving Queenstown and morning tea at Walter Peak Homestead.  Lunch is a delicious filled roll, sweet treat and fruit from a local Queenstown cafe.  Along the way we have extra goodies like Em's power cookies and fruit if you need some extra fuel.  Dinner is a set 3 course meal at Kinloch Lodge. 

On Day Two you have a continental breakfast at Kinloch Lodge.  Morning tea is fruit, a sweet treat and coffee/tea etc.  Lunch is a HUGE filled roll from the GYC and other goodies.  For dinner we transport you to our favourite local cafe for some delicious gourmet pizzas. 

On Day Three you prepare your own breakfast and lunch (the fridge and cupboards at Paradise are stocked with lots of yummy food prior to your arrival).  On arrival back at Paradise Farm after our day walk on the Routeburn Track you'll find our chef preparing an absolute feast for you.  These dinners make my mouth water just thinking about them.

On booking we ask you about your dietary needs so vegetarians and any other requirements can be catered to.

Do you cater for vegetarians and gluten free people?

Absolutely!  You'll be sent a pre tour questionnaire so be sure to mention if you're vegetarian or coeliac/gluten free.

Is alcohol available?

A great meal and a great wine or beer with good company, could life be any better? Wine and beer is available for purchase with your meals at Kinloch Lodge on night one and on night two when we go to Glenorchy for dinner.  You are most welcome to bring your own alcohol to enjoy at Paradise.  Queenstown has the best selection at the best prices (New World at Remarkables Park, Countdown at Five Mile complex)

We do have a small bottle shop in Glenorchy should you need to purchase some there.

There is no alcohol to be consumed while riding- friends don't let friends drink and ride!

What are the room configurations?

Accommodation is twin share. If you book as a single and request a room mate we will arrange for you to share with a person of the same sex.

Trips are organised and priced on a twin/double share basis. If you would like to have your own room a single supplement is available at an extra cost of $300 per tour. At Kinloch Lodge we are able to guarantee you your own room however Paradise Farm has limited rooms but we will do our absolute best to accommodate you. If we cannot you will be notified before your tour departure and refunded the $300.

Will it be crowded?

No way. Even in midsummer, the Paradise Trails remoteness and limited accommodation ensures that there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the solitude.

Do I need travel insurance?

Whether you are travelling to us domestically or from abroad we strongly recommend you take out travel and cancellation insurance to guard against the unexpected.

Because we book and pay for your tour accommodation and transit well in advance from our suppliers we are unable to provide you with a refund in cases of last minute cancellation.

I'm a caffeine addict, do you have coffee?

If we didn't have good coffee your guide Kate would go on strike! Rest assured you will get your fix. Ahhhh, life is good.

Do we ride in any weather?

Yes we do. Unless we make the call that it is unsafe to ride.

The Paradise trail weather can be anything from hot and sunny to snow within twenty four hours. In fact we had fresh snow low on the mountains Christmas Day and then thirty one degrees and sunny on Boxing Day in 2008!

The good news is that we are well accustomed to dealing with these changes and ensure you are safe and happy regardless of the weather.

What sort of first aid do you have?

Although our tours are fairly low risk we like to prepare for the worst just in case. Your guide or support vehicle always has a comprehensive First Aid kit on board. Our guides are well trained in First Aid and possess up to date First Aid certificates.

We are also very proud to say that we have a heart start automatic defibrillator which we keep in our support vehicle. As far as we know we are the only cycle tour company in New Zealand to carry such an important piece of safety equipment. Touch wood we will never have to use it. It is reassuring for us to have one on board and I'm sure you'll feel the same.

Our procedures for medical emergencies ensure that any potential patient will be quickly taken care of and that we can communicate with emergency services no matter where we are on the trail.

Will I get my feet wet?

That's up to you. You may have noticed that the gear list say bring two pairs of trainers (shoes). The Paradise trail crosses up to nine shallow fords which are great fun to try and ride through but may leave you with wet feet if you put a foot down or if you decide to walk across them. Alternatively you can always get in our support vehicle if you wish at each ford.

We have drying rooms at your nights accommodation and with a spare pair of shoes your feet should never be wet for long.

What does my price cover?

Pretty much everything. Accommodation, food, luggage transport, boat transport, guides, use of bikes and helmets.

We take care of your fees to walk and ride over DOC (Department of Conservation )land and GST tax is covered in the price.

In fact the only thing that you will pay extra for is alcohol and any other 'over the bar' drinks if you wish to purchase some to enjoy with your meals.

I have never been to Queenstown, what do I need to know?

How exiting! You'll love it. Queenstown is beautiful and is a lot of fun. It is very easy to get to and get around and once here there is so much to see and do.

Below is some helpful information. More can be found www.bestmountaintowns.com/queenstown

Getting Here

Direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne (3.5 hours), Auckland (1h45) Wellington (1h) and Christchurch (45 minutes).

From the Airport

By taxi: directly out in front of the terminal building. Allow 10-25 minutes depending on traffic (yes we have that now!).

By Bus:Turn right as you head out of the airport lounge entrance and catch a yellow 'Connectabus' going to Queenstown central (15-30 minutes).

Rental cars

It is not necessary to have a car in Queenstown however if you decide you want one to travel further afield then all the main rental companies have offices within walking distance of central Queenstown hotels.


There are three small supermarkets within walking distance from the town centre. They are Fresh Choice & Mediterranean Market (Gorge Rd) & Alpine Supermarket (Shotover St).  There is a large New World out at Remarkables Park Town Centre (near the airport).   As far as eating out you will be spoilt for choice.

Our current favorites are 'Eichardt's' and 'Ivy and Lola' on the lake front for dining in.  Rata is the newest restaurant in town and we've heard great things about it although we haven't had time to check it out for ourselves. If you just feel like a burger then Ferg Burger on Shotover St has the best takeaway burgers in the world. There's always a queue which tells you how good they are.

Staying on

It's easy to spend a week in Queenstown doing a different activity every day and not even scratch the surface.

If you have the time we recommend spending at least a few days before or after your tour in Queenstown or if you want a peaceful small country town experience, in Glenorchy fifty kilometres further up the lake.

Can I bring my own bike?

The short answer to this one is No.  Here at Revolution Tours we have spent a lot of time selecting a high quality bike that suits the terrain and is also comfortable and stylish.  We think we've hit the nail on the head with our hybrid bikes.  All bikes are regularly maintained and tuned and we have all the right tools to fix them should they need repairing.  Our bikes are also fitted with handle bar pannier bags for you to carry your camera etc in. If you normally ride with cleats (clip in pedals) please let us know before you arrive.

What are your terms and conditions?

For our terms and conditions please click on one of the links below


Why can we only have 12 people on a trip?

We love guiding people on the Paradise Trail and have kept our group size to a maximum of twelve people for the following reason. The Department of Conservation (DOC) has granted us an activity concession to guide a maximum of 12 people on the Routeburn and Ree/Dart Tracks in one day.  We are the only cycle tour company granted permission to guide in Mt Aspiring National Park. A maximum number of 12 per day ensures the tracks are kept in pristine condition for people to enjoy for a long time yet.